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Project Description

The Sectorial Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources 2007 – 2013
Priority axis 2 “Lifelong Correlation of Learning with the Labour Market”
Major intervention field 2.1. “Transition from School to Active Life”
Project title:Transnational Educational Network for Career Guidance, Counseling and Practice Correlated with the Labour Market, in the Society of Knowledge – PRACTICOR
Contract no. POSDRU/90/2.1/S/48816


Through PRACTICOR it is intended to initiate an applicative vision of the notion of practice. The team is unitary and homogenous, also based on complementarity, communion of interests and goals, which
aims at offering the young graduates increased chances of access to foreground fields that lead to sustainable development of the European society, such as, for example, those regarding traditional and recyclable energy resources, advanced transports and technologies, in order to protect the environment and to ensure a harmonious evolution within the transnational space of the society in the process of durable development.

Through general and strategic objectives, the partnership joins accredited academic institutions with tradition, with academic educational attributions and attributions in the organization of the students’ practice, focused on foreground objectives as well as on career guidance and counseling of the future students, together with representative research-development units. Due to their tradition, but also to the necessity of excellence development, these units support the students’ practice and are a major voice in the outlining of the future visions of the directions of development in fields such as energy safety, implementation of recyclable energies, environment protection, modern transport and advanced technology, which sustain them. The partners are aware that practice should become the main link between the trainer of specialists and the society’s needs of durable development based on knowledge.

The partnership will work in real time – according to the European experience and foreground strategies, to respond to the effective needs of the society, and becomes the basis of the professional formation of the future human resources, with real and increased chances to find a stable job, with continuity, in accordance with the students’ professional training and the requirements of the society. It will be active, supported by industrial/economic units (practice partners), The Information and Counseling Centre for Students and the Students’ Association.

The PRACTICOR project proposes an innovative model (vision) of practice for the students from technical universities (UPT and UPit), in order to increase performance and quality. The revival of the notion of applicative practice, directly linked to economic units, will complement the information with which the student, after becoming a graduate, finalizes his/her studies. We also hope that PRACTICOR will contribute to the enlargement of the selection basis of the candidates to academic education, following the activity of professional counseling of high school pupils, in correlation with the development needs of the economy. We intend to promote and financially support the activity of practice because it is an important element to increase the students’ chances to an active professional life.

The project will also contribute to the formation of tutors coming from the economic-industrial environment (partner firms for practice) who should form the link between education and economic units, in the context of the actual requirements, thus increasing the sustainability of the operational objectives of the project.

In short, PRACTICOR is the instrument by means of which pupils are guided and counseled to continue their studies in the field of engineering, and the students are counseled and financed so they can choose the best suited direction of specialization in order to obtain a B.Sc. degree and a M. Sc. degree, doubling their theoretical knowledge by practice and activities related to aspects of technological avant-garde and useful applications for society on the whole, through direct contact with (private and state) companies which thus become practice partners within the project.

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PRACTICOR Objectives

Indicatori si grup tinta pentru PRACTICOR

Reteaua transnationala educationala are ca obiectiv operational orientarea si consilierea celor ce doresc sa imbratiseze cariere de succes in domenii prioritare ale ingineriei si sa se perfectioneze prin practica, coreland invatarea cu piata muncii. O tinta specifica este organizarea practicii studentilor pentru a le asigura o sansa sporita si consolidata de pregatire, in acord cu realitatea. Se va promova egalitatea de sansa. Proiectului urmareste largirea ariei de aplicare prin implementarea strategiei UE de evolutie durabila a societatii cunoasterii, deoarece tematica e direct legata de promovarea si aplicarea principiilor dezvoltarii durabile si economice si de utilizare responsabila a resurselor naturale energetice clasice si regenerabile.



Statistici pentru www.practicor.ro la data 2013/10.

Maxim de 14725 de accesari/luna pentru luna Martie, 2012.

O medie de aproximativ 8299 accesari/luna in ultimele 12 luni.

Un numar de 6624 accesari ale paginii in ultimele 30 de zile.

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Un numar total de 215865 accesari ale paginii.

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Schimbarea mentalitatii despre practica prin proiectul PRACTICOR

Interviu cu prilejul deschiderii activitatii de consiliere promovat de catre Tele U

Articol deBanat.ro - Studenti si profesori olandezi, in schimb de experienta la UPT.

Articol deBanat.ro - Politehnistii vor face practica in functie de nevoile pietei muncii

Practica de vara, programata din iarna. Studentii, pusi fata in fata cu angajatii din companii.

Articol PRACTICOR in Univers Ingineresc

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Proiect co-finantat din Fondul Social European prin
Programul Operational Sectorial Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane 2007 - 2013

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